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Most know Jack Halfon as the man behind micro lending giant Atlas Finance. This site is a behind the scenes look at Jack Halfon photographer,philanthropist and well seasoned traveller . Please enjoy 🙂

Jack Halfon Philantropist

Jack Halfon gives back to several of South Africa’s neediest communities. Throughout the years, Jack Halfon and Atlas Finance have donated to an extensive variety of organizations that supply food, clothes, educational opportunities, shelter, and more, to individuals in need. Several of the beneficiaries of their philanthropic contributions include Inkwenkwezi School in Soweto and Othandweni Children’s Village.

Jack Halfon Travelling Tips

Packing is important. You should make a list, in order to prevent packing too much. Write down supplies that you will utilise on your journey. You should also consider your daily timetable and the typical weather, as well as any extreme weather circumstances, when you plan what you will wear. Your essentials must be packed, after you have packed everything else.

Jack Halfon

Jack Halfon was born and brought up in what we now know as Zimbabwe. Jack Halfon is a man who is vivacious. He is a man who loves to be with his wife, children, and grandchildren. He is a man who takes pride in his family. He is also a community leader and a volunteer. Global travel, architecture, as well as building, and cooking, are just some of his interests and pursuits.

Jack Halfon Atlas Finance

Atlas Finance was established by Jack Halfon, in 1994. As the CEO of Atlas Finance, Jack Halfon has spent years, giving people and families the capital to meet their daily requirements. Atlas Finance currently has over 170 branches in nine provinces across the country. Jack Halfon thinks of Atlas Finance as part of a lively, diverse family of South Africans, attempting to make a change in their communities, and the world.


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Jack Halfon is a photographer. He has been around the world. He has captured the core of individuals and places through his camera. A few years ago, Jack Halfon published his book Faces and Places. Jack Halfon’s Faces and Places is a cultural voyage through time, as well as space.


Jack Halfon moved to South Africa. He was looking for the opportunity to make a change in the world. Jack Halfon has a lifetime of knowledge and experience about the difficulties that life can bring. He had financial challenges for a lot of years, but he came out victorious. Jack Halfon is a microfinancer, as well as an entrepreneur. He lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Microfinance includes offering little loans, savings, and other fundamental financial services, to individuals who presently don’t have access to capital. Microfinancing is established on the philosophy that little amounts of credit are able to conclude the cycle of destitution. It is less probable that families that receive microfinancing are going to take their children out of school for economic reasons.

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