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Get Information About Jack Halfon

Perhaps, you are interested in knowing about Jack Halfon. Get some useful knowledge about Jack Halfon. Gain an awareness of who this man is. Simply, read on below.

Find Out Everything That You Need To Know About Jack Halfon.

This is what is very useful for you to know about Jack Halfon. Halfon is Zimbabwean-born. Before he began a successful entrepreneurial career, the schools he attended were David Livingstone Junior School and Churchill Boys High School in Harare. Halfon went to South Africa as he was seeking greater economic opportunity. Jack Halfon is also an entrepreneur who exemplifies the bootstrapping spirit. Now, you have found out such beneficial knowledge about him.

Get Some More Information About Him.

Here is what you should know about him. Learn about Jack Halfon and Atlas Finance. Jack Halfon also established Atlas Finance, a microlender, in 1994. This is what you must know about him. He is the CEO of Atlas Finance. In each sense of the word, Atlas Finance is a family, from Jack’s sister to his cousins, as well as his three children. Atlas Finance currently has over 170 branches in nine provinces nationwide. Jack’s vision has constantly been to supply financial help to each South African in a legitimate, moral, and responsible way. You’ve discovered very beneficial information about him.

Learn More About This Man.

Read on to get the useful information that you need. In addition, Jack Halfon has also donated to a broad range of charities in Johannesburg, South Africa, and beyond. He is a philanthropist. Malatjlie, a destitute settlement close to Lanseria International Airport, has been supported by Jack. Halfon donated a library. Even today, with over 1, 300 employees, as well as an eight-person board of directors, paying it forward is what he ensures to do. Jack also recently donated food, clothes and other basics to Kraaipan Youth Foundation, as well as Warm the World.

Moreover, Halfon takes pride in giving back to the community via Atlas Finance and his photography. Halfon is also an enthusiastic photographer. He has taken numerous pictures of villages, individuals, as well as natural wonders around the globe. Several of these can be located in his book, Faces and Places. Faces and Places presents its audience with communities that cope with grave poverty, as well as food and water shortages, and an unfair standard of living that nobody ought to go through. The profits of his book go to charity.

Thus, you’ve discovered such necessary information about him. Now, you know quite a lot about him. Therefore, your knowledge of this man has really increased a lot. You’ve also learned a lot about his work, his photography, and his philanthropy.

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Jack Halfon

Jack Halfon


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